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Friday, August 20, 2010

Little Thinkers

I sometimes marvel at the sharp memories and ideas four and five year olds have. I was at a restaurant with wife and 5 year old grand daughter Taylor and her mom. I had arrived first and had ordered before the others since I had to leave first. Taylor and I both like eggs and sausages. She would reach over to my plate and swipe a sausage piece and I would pretend not to notice saying "There must be a mouse in here swiping my sausages" and she would laugh. When her food came she said to me "Grandpa, you can't take my food" and I said "Why not?" to which she replied "Because you're on a diet, remember?" sigh. They're right about that female memory thing.

A few days later she was at our house pretending to be talking to a friend on the phone. She wrote down her imaginary friend's number on a paper. She wrote 9 numbers. Observing this Grandma said "Most phones have 7 numbers." She thought for a few seconds and said "Well my friend has a bigger phone."