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Friday, October 05, 2018

Put this up at the New Clarion a few minutes ago with a few additions.

Shumer and the Democrat's resistance.

Just after President Trump announced Kavanaugh for the SCOTUS, Senator Chuck Schumer announced he would fight the conformation with every thing he had.

This means Schumer had no interest in Kavanaugh's judicial philosophy, his past rulings or decisions. The knowledge that Kavanaugh was somewhat of a conservative was all the Senator needed to know.

Before Kavanaugh was named, Sen Schumer said then he would vote against any nominee by Trump. Justice, fairness, facts, evidence and reality means nothing to Sen Schumer
So what does matter to him? Power. The power of legalized force he and his party want to use to force their collectivism on the rest of us. The entire Democrat Party in infected with lust for power.

Blind resistance to a reality that, in their minds, is not supposed to exist is all they have. Thus the ease with which they use wild exaggerations and outright falsehoods against Kavanaugh, Republicans and Trump.

They can't put together a reasoned argument against Kavanaugh because they don't know how and this is because they weren't reasoned into the beliefs they hold like collectivism and altruism.

They accepted on faith the notion that collectivism-the supremacy of the state not the individual-and the morality of sacrifice on which it is based, is the morally good.

So anyone who talks and acts in favor of individualism (even if inconsistently) and of self interest is the morally evil and must be destroyed. That in my view is what we are seeing today from the Democrats and their servants in the media.

More on their irrationality to come.