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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Critical Race Theory

 On the site of National Review today (6/13) I read a pretty good article by Michael Farris on the utter disaster of Critical Race theory. In it Mr Farris correctly points out:

"Parents have simply had enough of the politicization of their local schools and the attempts to turn their children into young but full-throated activists for the progressive movement."

I want to add that it was not only today's parents but all our parents and grand parents who lived here before us who are and were responsible for the politicization of our school system. We followed in their missteps by by insisting that government "do something" to fix all of our non-political problems such as transportation, health care, education, insurance, in all sciences and anything in the economy.  We did not realize we were inviting/demanding the government to politicize everything i.e. we asked for it.

So how do we correct this problem of ours? We have to realize the insanity of turning our problems over to an institution that has a monopoly on the legal use of  physical force. We correct this by looking for and supporting candidates who promise--and have plans--to start tearing down the regulatory state and replacing it with rights protecting laws.

Unfortunately, way too many people today cannot tell the difference between rights protecting laws and laws that violate rights. For that I highly recommend Ayn Rand's essay "Man's Rights" and an accompanying essay "The Nature of Government" in her book "Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal" still in print.

Critical Race Theory is nothing more than an attempt to teach students to tie a person's social, political and moral values to his skin color or nationality which is exactly what racism does. It's using racism to defeat racism, a logical contradiction and cannot work. The most critical regulatory agency to dissolve is the Dept of Education. We need to start now.

Michael Neibel