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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Local blog activism

The Detroit Free Press has allowed my to have a blog at their online paper. I haven't been very active but now I intend to get busy. It is here.I hope to get more readers with increased blogging.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fire Levin, Time for Real Change

Pursuant to my last post below, Mr Don Volaric has added a new site "Fire Levin" which I recommend. Mr Levin has been in office way too long. He has overseen the destruction of the national as well as the Michigan economies, the near total destruction of the auto industry and the banking industry.

When looking at a problem, real or imagined, instead of asking "what tax or regulation can be repealed to help this problem?" Sander Levin has chosen to issue more dictates (regulations) then sit back and wait for obedience. This is not the practice of those defending freedom. Mr. Levin, like so many of the lifer politicians today, can no longer think outside the box. They know they have placed burden after burden on the backs of business chasing most of them out of the state. But rather than checking their premises, examining the principles on which their policies are based, they continue with business as usual placing even more burdens on business hoping against hope that businesses will find a way to stick around and continue to create jobs.

It's time for change and for this election Don Volaric represents that change.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Political Activism in Michigan

I have decided to get active in local politics for the first time in decades. I'm backing republican Don Volaric for the seat of Sander Levin in the US House district 12 here in Michigan. so here is a little promo for those of you who may live in this district.

"How much would you PAY to get rid of a Levin??

Don Volaric, candidate for U.S. Congress in the 12th District, had almost 4,000 more votes than the incumbent, Sander Levin, in the primary for Macomb County! That hasn't been done before and it is a great sign of what is to come this November.

How much would you DO to get rid of a Levin??

The Volaric campaign needs your HELP to defeat Sander Levin this November. We are looking for volunteers to do door to door with our literature, phone calls, help with office work, etc. Signs will be available soon! We have window stickers available now.

How much would you PAY to get rid of a Levin??

Sander Levin is FOR Amnesty, FOR Obama Care, FOR Big Government, FOR Higher Taxes, FOR Cap and Trade, all while he is selling our children's and grandchildren's futures down the drain, while taking our seniors to the woodshed with his Medicare deception and lies.

Vote for the real citizen's representative, Don Volaric, not the status quo. Go to to donate and volunteer today.

70 days and counting... Remember in November!"

I decided to back him because he was one of the few Republicans to explicitly use the phrase 'individual rights' in his speeches. And also because I want Sander Levin out.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Political link

Here is a good effort that may be worth joining at least in a political context: There is no doubt that America needs a reorientation.