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Wednesday, May 06, 2020

The questionable value of models

I post this because the current virus alarmism  is using models to make predictions just like the climate change alarmists. The CC predictions have been massively wrong so far and I am sure the predictions of doom from this virus will be found to be also wildly wrong.

"Using the same scientific method that put the man on the moon,’ NASA scientists have concluded there is no climate ‘problem.’ Doiron noted that the slogan at NASA: was ‘In God we trust, all others bring data.’ ‘I am here to report today: Houston,we do not have a problem. It is impossible to think global warming will cause any problem especially when you look at the benefits of adding CO2 to the atmosphere. We are convinced that we don’t have a problem with fossil fuels. There is no problem."[Boldface added]

Sunday, May 03, 2020


 "The true tragedy is not that government bureaucrats want people to inform on their neighbors, it’s that so many people are eager to do the informing. Totalitarian systems are a lot easier to defeat than the internalized totalitarian mindset that we have seen in socialist countries around the world."

Time is running out for Americans to discover America's founding principle of individual rights and the moral principle of rational self interest implied in that concept.