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Monday, October 04, 2010

Dems Offer No Hope for Michigan

The election is tomorrow and so far the Democrats are staying with their anti-business philosophy. About three weeks or so ago I received in the mail campaign promotion material from the Michigan Democratic state central committee. It was headlined "The main street agenda" and featured the pictures of candidates Virg Bernero for Governor, Brenda Lawrence for Lieut. gov, Jocelyn Benson for sec of state and David Leyton for Atty gen. The bottom of the flyer contained a partial picture of New York stock exchange overlaid with the words "not a Wall Street CEO."

I'm disappointed to see the Democrats continuing to cash in on the false notion that the people on Wall Street are the enemies of the people on main street. This ad represents all that is wrong with Michigan (and national) politics. Readers are presumably supposed to be relieved that these Democrats are anti-wall street. It is blatantly anti-business in tone. And yet it is only businesses that can create productive jobs. Government cannot create jobs. All government has to offer is force and the threat of it. And for decades government has used this power to chase businesses out of Michigan.

It's time to get government out of the way and let business do what it does best: create prosperity.