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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Some Good News Last Week

Like the color green, some headlines were soothing to Mike's Eyes last week.

First was the headline Zarqawi Dead. This will probably be followed by a power struggle between Zarqawi wannabes who will then kill each other until one of them takes over. More good news.

Second, is a report by Little Green Footballs titled "Don't Wanna Be Zarqawi" about a young Jewish man who was kidnapped by Palistinians but as soon as they discovered he was an American they turned him over to the Isrealis.

Third, was the report by Yahoo news that Goldman Sachs had lowered its stock rating of New York Times to 'Underperform' causing NYT share price to fall. How sweet it is!

Now if I could just see a headline like "Iranians Overthrow Mullahs" or "Syria Falls," that would make for a good year.

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