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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Problem Solved

Ok. I now know what a widget is. Seems I've been using them all along just not knowing they were called widgets.


Myrhaf said...

I've read this post twice, baffled both times. Is there a link missing?

Mike N said...

Sorry if I wasn't very clear. I had thought I had my blog saved or backed up but somehow I didn't have the blogroll backed up. When I went to add a few things to my blog, the color came out all wrong so when I brought up my original color, the roll disapeared. I was told I didn't have my widgets saved. Well I didn't know they were called widgets. I always called them links. So anyway, my lack of computer savey is showing but I now think I have this problem fixed. I've been wanting to update my roll anyway so now I'm doing that.