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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Of the Feelers, By the feelers, For the Feelers

At Rule of Reason, Edward Cline has part 4 of his essay "The Year of the Long Knives." In it Mr. Cline discusses the funding behind not only Obama's campaign but of most of the extreme leftist organizations. It is sad to see how many successful businessmen, men who used the principles of freedom and free trade to amass their wealth, using that wealth to destroy that freedom and free trade. Mr. Cline gives anecdotal evidence in the person of Mr. Wolf, CEO of UBS Americas, who supports Obama because doing so makes him feel good. It is amasing to me how such men can be so rational in the business world but so massively irrational when they step out of their office.

When I see or hear of a man like that I am reminded of a scene in an old movie-I think-called "The Vikings." The Kirk Douglas character is part of a love triangle. Standing atop a castle-from memory now-with the woman he loves, he looks down and sees his rival running up the steps to challenge him for her love. The Viking says "See how he hastens to his death."

That is what I see whenever I see any business people donating to any leftist, altruist, collectivist foundation. They do not understand that when a government is allowed to act on whims-feelings-one of the first changes to be made will be to the Wolfs of the world who will be changed from existence to nonexistence. But they don't feel this to be the case, so in their minds, it isn't.

Mr. Cline is also on the money when he compares the mindset of today's general population to that of the German people in the decades before the rise of Naziism. I am about halfway through the excellent book "The Ominous Paralells" by Leonard Peikoff which can be purchased here. (A deal at $13.45)

And I urge everyone to read parts one, two, and three of Mr. Cline's essay.

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