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Monday, July 21, 2008

Anti-Social Medicine?

The in their 'your views' section asks "Should doctors be paid bonuses for saving lives?" This isn't just a rhetorical question. British hospitals are planning to do just that.

All the government has to do is get out of the way and the doctors will have all the incentive they need and then some. Sad.

(Right now there is about 160 comments but I especially like #5 by Pinkie
Nurse: Doctor, this patient has a cut on his leg which could get infected.

Doctor: we'd better act straight away before it gets any worse.

Manager: Our life-saving target is down this month. You know what it would mean; our funding could be cut.

Doctor: Hmmm... and with Christmas on the way... could do with that bonus. On second thoughts, leave it till it gets gangrene. We can then lop it of and save his life.

How to bring out the worst in people. Labour knows how.)

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