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Monday, September 01, 2008

Blogroll Additions

The time has come to update my blogroll with the addition of more quality Objectivist blogs. First is 'Try Reason!' moderated by John Drake. In his latest post he provides more evidence showing why the U.S. was not founded on Christian principles. He starts with a quote from the Tripoli Treaty of 1797
"As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion;..."
I had the pleasure of meeting John in person at a meeting of a study group called The Great Lakes Objectivists or GLO of which I am a member. It is the second site I'm adding to the roll. It's a good way to study the philosophic principles of Objectivism.

(I belong to a few other study groups as well and may be adding their sites soon.)

Third is Aesthetic Capitalist. The blog's theme is
Supporting art with capitalism, glorifying capitalism with art, and defending both with philosophy.
Sounds like a well integrated aproach.

Fourth is Morality War, The hosted by Rob whose theme is
Politics is an effect: morality is the cause
The clash of civilizations observed from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
After pointing out that the conflict today is between selfishness and altruism, he proudly declares:
For the record, I side with selfishness.

Fifth is The Rational Capitalist hosted by Doug Reich. In his last post he talks about how the religious left is getting front row seats at the Dems convention.

Sixth will be Rational Passion whose recent post discusses keeping and/or aborting a fetus with Downs Syndrome. Thought provoking.

The seventh addition is Leonard Peikoff. He has a podcast of his radio show where he takes questions from listeners and applies the principles of objectivism to them. He's been getting so many questions that he's gone from posting a podcast every other Monday to every Monday.

The eighth site is Powell History Recommends by Scott Powell. I highly recommend this site for anyone seeking a rational history.

The ninth and last addition for today is Cogito's Thoughts which is hosted by a young student of Objectivism, Shea Levy. Objectivism needs to spread among the young and Shea's site looks very promising.

That's it for today. I've been very busy this summer what with cleaning the garage, fixing up the house, babysitting my 4th grand child and trying to do an occasionsal post inter alia. So, my blogroll updating has been neglected. I am happy though to see Objectivist blogs spreading like this. I hope it keeps up.


John Drake said...


Thank you for adding my blog to your blogroll. I will be adding your to my blogroll as well. It was a pleasure meeting you.


Mike N said...

Your welcome, and thank you.


Amy said...

Hi Mike!

Thanks for the link for Great Lakes Objectivists!

Hope you are having a great day,

Mark V. Kormes said...

Thanks for the link to Rational Passion, Mike!