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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Schiff Gets it Right

Billy Beck at Two-Four links to a 10 minute video showing how Peter Schiff was right all along. I wrote down the names of those who disagreed with him. It shall be called my low credibility list for financial smarts. They include Arthur Lafer, Mike Norman, Ben Stein, Neil Cavuto and his financial panel and Charles Payne to name just some. Perhaps Obama should select Mr Schiff as his financial advisor, then again, Mr. Schiff might be the last person he'd want advising him.


Myrhaf said...

It is remarkable to watch Schiff get it exactly right and to hear the other panelists laugh at him. The scorn of fools is a badge of honor.

Mike N said...

" The scorn of fools is a badge of honor."
So true.