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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Blogroll Additions March 09

I'm taking a short break in my Objectivism Benefit series to add more good sites to my blogroll.

The first shall be Ramen and Rand where Miranda, who is a photographer, photographed the Vagina Monologues and put them on her photo blog.

Next is Dark Waters Blogs hosted by Doug A. His Mar 4th post is about how Obama rejects absolute truth.

Third is seine ramblings who takes a humorous look at water exports and a more serious take on the concept of jobs.

Fourth in line is Haight Speech where Kyle observes the contradiction between what greens want and what Obama wants.

Fifth will be Words by Woods where Jim posts on how our current crisis is not an emergency but an attempted suicide.

Sixth is Uncommon Sense by Zip and Zhucydides. Now Zip reports on a native man who got so drunk that he let his two baby daughters freeze to death. This man wasn't the only one with no love for human life. His tribe doesn't seem to have any either.

Seventh is The Dirty Kuffar where Ryan's slogan is No Gods or Kings...Only Man.

That's it for March. I want Objectivist blogs to become so numerous that to go on line will mean virtually tripping over one.

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