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Friday, May 08, 2009

Blogroll Addition May of 09

It time for another blogroll update.

First is the blog of "Brad Harper" where his latest post shows the evil of eminent domain in a particularly egregious case. Evidently, the park service wants to build a monument and park at the site where Flight 93 crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11. Trouble is that land is owned by 7 owners who don't want to sell. So the Park Service wants to invoke eminent domain to condemn their property, seize it and build a monument. I wonder what the people who died on that fateful flight would say if they knew their deaths would be used to violate the property rights of 7 of their fellow citizens just to build a monument? I think they'd be outraged.

Next is Benpercent who has a book review of "Walt Disney: A Triumph of American Imagination" which he calls the story of a real American hero.

The third addition is Reality Talk where Brian reports that a college student saved lives by owning a gun. He has a two minute video of the news report but also points out how the media insists on slanting the news so as to deny any self-interested motive. He did it for others!

Fourth is "Objective Extrospection" where Rajesh reports on Objectivism, Ayn Rand, Tech and Defense. He now notes that the Enigma machine used by the Nazis to send secret codes is now for sale.

Fifth is Aristotle the Geek where he has a letter to Obama (via Cafe Hayek) by a money manager who dares to speak out.

Sixth will be Just Add Rationality where host Francis Luong has a retort for an article that says individualists must give up their disdain for mass movements.

Seventh is Ron Pisaturo's Blog at which Ron posts on the fact that 'The Leader Desires Work and Peace" and how that speech reminds him of someone else 70 some years ago.

Number eight shall be Life on Marrs where Gaia looks at the difference between Obama's proposed $100 million budget cuts and his 3.69 trillion dollar spending.

Ninth is 'The Nearby Pen' where Daniel informs that Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead has been translated into Vietnamese. Good News for sure.

Tenth is Exalted Moments which takes a look at all such moments found in Ayn Rand's writings. I highly recommend it.

That's it for now. But I would like to inform any new visitors to this site that I publish all my political and cultural posts at The New Clarion. Enjoyable reading all.

Update: corrected link to Brad Harper blog


Gaia said...

Thanks for mentioning me!

Mike N said...

My pleasure!

Burgess Laughlin said...

> "First is the blog of Brad Harper "Pragmatism 101" where . . ."

Thank you for drawing attention to the new weblogs on your list.

Possible correction: The name of Harper's weblog is "Pragmatism 101" is the name of one of the posts. I too was confused when I first looked at the site.

Mike N said...

Thanks Burgess! I made the corrections. And yes, the post title appeared to me to be the blog title. Thanks again.

Rajesh said...

Thanks for including my blog in your blorgroll Mike.

Mike N said...

You're Welcome.

Brian said...

Thanks for the mention, Mike!

Daniel said...

Thanks for the mention!

The translation of The Fountainhead in Vietnamese is great--though reading it is kind of a surreal experience (like deja vu).