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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lively Imagination

Any parent or grand parent knows that little kids can say the darnedest things. They want so bad to talk like adults and sound grown up. This past Friday my oldest granddaughter, she'll be 4 on July 4th., came into the computer room by me and said "Grandpa, I have to listen to that music every morning". She was talking about her dad's cell phone music which just went off in the living room and on which he uses the alarm function in the morning. "Every morning it plays that music over and over and it gives me a headache. I need some chocolate covered raisins to clear my mind."

I know you're not supposed to laugh when a child is trying to be serious but I couldn't help it.

(Yes, I keep some of those raisins to treat myself now and then.)

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John Drake said...

Great story Mike. It made me smile. I find some of the conversations between my two kids to be extremely entertaining. Like yesterday, when my son started to explain to his sister why you use the potty.