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Monday, July 06, 2009

Tea Party Observations pt. 2

As I thought about my post on the tea party of the 4th., I realized I didn't write down all my observations. So here are a few more with some added pictures. It can safely be said that everyone there was willing to participate in some kind of activism however modest. I consider that a very good sign. But there were some who wanted a more agressive activism. One wanted recall campaigns to be started to oust those in office. A few others called for more petitions to be circulated to stop the government spending and intrusion into our lives.

Quite a few people expressed frustration in not being able to do more than just protest at parties like this one. That's when I gave them a copy of two press releases from ARC on the sales of Atlas Shrugged. One release reported that most large bookstores will have floor-displays of Atlas after the 4th. The other release notified that the sales of Atlas have tripled in the first 4 months of 09. My intent was to say or imply 'This is where a lot of people are looking for answers, you should too.' It became obvious to me that a tea party is no place for education or debating. But it can be a good place for guidance toward a certain path. Before people can see the truth, they must be encouraged to look at it. Now a few more pictures.


Amy said...

Thanks for posting this Mike! I really like your observations, and I hope that the other protesters learn from all you handed out. Great job!

Michael Neibel said...

Hi Amy: