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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Good News

I see via HBL that an Objectivist organization-Ayn Rand in India-is taking roots in that nation. Right now there are discussion/study groups in three cities, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. For more information click here.

The spread of Objectivist ideas can't happen fast enough. The Hitler and Stalin wannabes are rising to the top of the political spectrum everywhere and are taking notes on what the current crop of statists are getting and not getting away with. So the spread of rational ideas in India, however modest, is a very good thing.


Realist Theorist said...

These folks have been around for a very long while. If I remember right, it was about 15 years ago that they organized an essay context modeled on the lines of ARI's, but much smaller.

As India "opened up" (from about the late 1990s), this group grew as well. They have held various talks, put up book-stalls at book-shows and the like.

Burgess Laughlin said...

From the 1960s, I remember learning of recorded lectures (NBI) and social groups in Bombay (Mbai).

Michael Neibel said...

Thank both of you gentlemen for the update. If these groups have been around for awhile then that means that Rand's ideas have probably spread even further than I thought. What's new then is that these groups are now being brought under the umbrella of the Liberty Institute and will be getting support from ARI. Another reason I posted the notice was in case anyone wanted to donate to this newer initiative.

Realist Theorist said...

I really hope India does not follow in the mistakes of the Europeans 9and also the U.S.). For instance, I hope they allow their healthcare system to remain free like it is today; I hope they do not adopt a social-security system; I hope they do not grow the size of their welfare system.

Organizations that advocate for Rand's ideas could save India decades of pain... this is a good time to head off bad ideas.

Thanks for posting the link.