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Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11, a time for activism.

This was a successful week end as far as pro-capitalist activism goes. I went to a tea party in a northern Detroit suburb on Saturday 9/10/11. There I set up my little table on which I placed about 10 baskets each with copies of essays on free market subjects. I didn't hand out anything really. I just stood there and declared to passersby that ideas matter and to help themselves to some free knowledge and ideas. There were only about 110 people there but that was good enough. They helped themselves to the following: 15 copies of the essay Message to Republicans from the Ayn Rand Center of Individual Rights, 7 copies of Seperation of State and Economy, (I ran out) 24 copies of Unlocking the Jobs Dilemma, 12 copies of To Stimulate the Economy, Liberate it. 12 copies of Significance of Atlas Shrugged, 29 copies of an essay on Pre-existing Conditions, 6 copies of Doctors are not Slaves with an ad for Lucidicus Project on the back, 25 copies of Stop Blaming Capitalism for Government failures, (ran out of these too) 14 copies called Two Thoughts which included a paragraph from Amy Ridenour on rationed medicine and 4 paras by me on the danger of socialized medicine to patients, 13 copies of a Free Books for Teachers flyer I made from the ARI website. 16 copies of the Feb 2011 Undercurrent, 11 copies of the spring 2010 Undercurrent, (ran out) and finally, 29 copies of the Ayn Rand Sampler. I got the impression that people were looking for more info on the nature of capitalism and how free market ideas would work in an actual free market. All in all I think it was a good day. But since this was the weekend of the 9/11 anniversary I decided one day was not enough. So today Monday 9/12 I took flyers for the Free Books for Teachers program and the Student Essay Contest and placed 10 copies of each at eight public libraries. I got permission from the librarians over a year ago. It's easy, all they want to know is if ARI is a 501C3 educational charity. Later this week I'll be checking my supply of the Undercurrent at two community college campuses. Despite all this, my activism is strictly a part time adventure.

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