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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Can good intentions lead to places other than hell?

I posted this over at the New Clarion earlier this year. It was about the claim that Trump should be president because he means well.

"Then an image popped into my mind: Inspector Clouseau.
"Yes, the fictional character inspector Jacques Clouseau, the French police detective from the Pink Panther movies. The inspector was portrayed as very loyal to France, meant no harm to others, fully devoted to nabbing bad guys, but very inept and clumsy in doing so. Through a series of comedic missteps, some of which were slapstick like tripping over something and falling down, he would nevertheless, accidently, bumblingly, stumble upon the identity of the correct villain. What a guy!
Then I shuddered. Is the United States about to be led by a modern day Clouseau, someone who means well but has no clear clue (pun intended) on how to do it? Will we survive his stumbles and missteps?
You know, I really need to take a break from politics. Strange things are happening to my mind.
(PS, I think Peter Sellers excelled in that role.)"

After rereading the above, another thought occurred to me. What if inspector Clouseau decided to run for president of France? What would his inept, bumbling nature make his campaign speeches sound like? I decided--Donald Trump.

Sigh. Although lighthearted, this is not a joyous picture I paint. I find myself longing for some comforting signs, signs other than just 'he means well.' There's about 98 days to the election so I'll just keep on looking for those signs. Again, sigh.

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