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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

President Trump's first SOTU

I watched President Trump's SOTU Tuesday. Here are my initial impressions.

I thought Trump did a good job of appealing to his base and to most who voted for him in 2016.  There were lots of things to like. For example:

Cutting regulations on business.

Cutting taxes on everyone.

Restoring our military strength.

And I really liked his claim that weakness invites aggression. That is so true.

There were others but not to create a long list I'll defer for now.

I don't like his idea of tariffs as something good. They are not of course because they raise the price of goods to American consumers.

But Trump pretty much stayed loyal to his agenda of Making America Great Again (MAGA). He did make several invitations to the Democrats to join him in bipartisan efforts to MAGA but looking at the reaction of those Democrats to Trump's list of accomplishments it was obvious the Democrats wanted nothing to do with anything bipartisan.

The Dems sat through all of the ovations Trump received. One media pundit said the Dems all looked like their dog just died. Well it did die actually, on Nov 8th 2016 and they still haven't got over it.

But I'm becoming convinced that the Democrats have no intention of getting over it. They don't see anything to get over. They feel cheated and like little children who are frustrated that reality is not conforming to their world view, they want to pick up their ball and go home. No teamwork for them.

I also saw the Democrat response  by Joe Kennedy 111. I felt like I was watching an audition for a future presidential run. It was the standard Marxist talking points of class warfare, of victims and oppressors, of haves and have nots with Donald Trump as the symbol of the haves and oppressors.

But that's just it. Trump is just a symbol of their hatred, not the essence. That essence is the voters who voted for him. They are the real object of Democrat hatred.

I can't tell what the Dems will adopt as their strategy going forward. It looks right now like they will rely on the midterm elections and continue to try and get him out of office any way possible. They won't give up on their socialist utopia. More analyses to follow in next post.

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