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Sunday, June 03, 2018

Hatred of the good because it is the good.

Right after congress passed the GOP led tax cuts hundreds of companies began giving $1000 bonuses to their workers. Former speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi called those bonuses "crumbs."

And now thanks to those same tax cuts the country is experiencing record low unemployment numbers. Ms Pelosi is now claiming that those numbers "mean little to families" hit by rising costs of health care under Trump's watch.

First of all, those rising costs were written into  ObamaCare to go into effect after the 2016 election so it's not Trump's fault as she is implying.

But why is she poo pooing benefits to American workers? Ayn Rand wrote about this in her excellent essay "The Age of Envy" in her book "Return of the Primitive." I will paraphrase paragraph 3 on page 131: "If a politician wants to do good for his or her constituents but is unable or unwilling to achieve it and begins to hate those politicians who do,"that is hatred of the good for being the good.'

What Pelosi really means is that workers who get $1000 bonuses are 'crumbs' to her. And workers who now have a better chance to get a job "mean little" to her. What's important to her is not that the workers are better off, but who is causing it. What she is against is benefits that have to be earned. She wants to appear to be the giver of benefits through various entitlements, the unearned.

This should give pause to all those who are thinking about reelecting her in the future.

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