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Sunday, April 11, 2021

I'm back blogging again.

  Sorry for not blogging recently. I've been busy with family and personal problems. The family problems seem to be subsiding for now as progress has been made in helping them out. On the personal side I've been somewhat in the dumps over the fact that so many people could still vote for democrats in federal and state elections. 

Are Americans really that stupid I wondered. But I know the mind numbing effect that Progressive Education has had on abut two generations of Americans in our colleges.

Prog Ed has refused to teach students to think in terms of principles which has had the effect of forcing them to rely on their feelings instead of their reasoning mind. But our feelings cannot tell us what is good for our survival and what threatens it. Only our reasoning mind can do that. No, I decided, today's citizens are not stupid but rather badly informed because of Progressive Education.

(Here I want to point out that this condemnation is largely confined to our college departments of the social sciences. They still teach some principles in the applied sciences.)

There is an excellent book still in print called "The Ominous Parallels" by Leonard Peikoff. It shows how the cultural ideas that were dominant in Germany in the 20 or so years before the rise of the NAZI party are ominously parallel to the ideas in today's Progressive America. It is truly scary. I highly recommend that book.

There will be more posts soon.

Mike Neibel

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