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Friday, December 10, 2021

There's no doubt now. The government needs to be removed from the economy.

 Today every thing is regulated by government and everything is collapsing. Do you see a connection there? I sure do. Everything the government controls is a disaster. 

Look at the pandemic. It's not doctors, nurses or other medical scientists who are deciding how to heal us but governors, mayors and other politicians. Government controls health care. Why are we doing this?

 Look at transportation. Hundreds of cargo ships waiting offshore to get unloaded but can't because there are not enough workers to unload them or truckers to deliver them to our stores.. Government controls transportation of everything. Why are we allowing this?

 Look at education. Kids are being taught to hate this country and even their parents. They are taught America is evil incarnate and needs to be replaced with some form of collectivism-- communism, socialism, fascism or some combination of these. Why? As one historian--whose name escapes me now-- once pointed out that the goal of the collectivists has always been to create new generations of young adults who will not be eager to fight/die defending a nation they know nothing good about. Government controls education. Why do we tolerate this?

Look at the economy. Inflation is destroying the dollar's purchasing power. The dollar has lost most of its store of value since being divorced from gold and silver backing. This has resulted in the prices of everything rising faster than wages. Government controls the economy.

I could go on but we all need to realize that government's role should only be that of an observer in the market place, that is, to have a presence so it may be summoned should some citizen's rights be violated or threatened.

We now need to start looking for candidates who will vow to start dismantling the regulatory state and vote them into office. In my view the most urgent regulator to privatize is the Dept of Education.

We almost had such a society in our beginning years but for slavery and women's suffrage. Those mistakes have been corrected. It's now time to correct the enormous errors of the government regulated  economy. 

Michael Neibel

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