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Monday, April 10, 2006

Assault Update--More Sources

In addition to the referances linked to in my last post,
George Reisman has an article at his website about how environmentalists are trying to scare the public.

Also, Roger Pielke has posted an update at Climate Science. Scroll down to "Quotes on the state of..."
I like number 6: “Global and regional climate models have not demonstrated skill at predicting climate change and variability on multi-decadal time scales “;

These scare tactics are in anticipation of next year's release of The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report which I'm sure, will try to close the door on the idea that global warming is all man's fault and that it will be very bad for life in general and that massive government enforced sacrifices will be needed post haste.

Of course I can't trust anything the IPCC says. The reason can be found in a short essay I wrote titled "Has the IPCC Lost All Credibility?" which Fred Singer was good enough to publish at his SEPP website here. Scroll down to item #4.

It must be remembered that the actual assessment reports are written by actual scientists. And almost nobody reads them. The Summary for Policymakers however, is written by bureaucrats from governments around the world. One or two participating scientists are allowed to sit in on these plenery meetings. The Summerys
are basically political documents.

To top it all off, the so-called run away warming they are trying to scare everyone into believing may not even be happening. Steven Milloy at links to an article in the London Telegraph by Bob Carter which says the recent warming actually stopped in 1998 and since then the average mean temperature of the earth hasn't increased at all. For all they know we could be readying for another cooling period like the one that happened from 1940 to 1975.
This is the kind of info that needs to get to representatives and editors.



Anonymous said...

Its quite a stretch to claim that Carter's article can back up claims about cooling. Its a rather flwed analysis. Check out this critique of his piece.

Mike N said...

I went to carter's source the CRU and looked at the graph. It seems that he took the hotest year 1998 and went forward 8 years. In that case he would be right in saying that the earth hasn't warmed any higher than that in 8 years because it hasn't. He also said that the slight cooling was barely off zero and to me that means statistically insignificant-to be ignored.

I don't agree with Tom's idea that we should concentrate our study on the industrial age. We need to know the wider context in which the industrial age is only a part.
We can have no idea if we are at the beginning, middle or end of some forcing cycle unless we study longer time scales.