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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Gitmo Genuflects to the Enemy

If one needed an example of what the MSM has done to our Pentagon leadership the Sunday 4/30/06 print edition of the Detroit News carries a report by Tim Golden of the New York Times titled "Guantanamo transfers stall over abuse issues."

The article starts:

*A long-running effort by the Bush administration to send home many of the terror suspects imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been stymied in part because of concern among U.S. officials that the prisoners may not be treated humanely by their own governments, officials said.*

Who cares how they're treated by their own governments? These are men who were caught on the battlefield trying to kill coalition troops. These are not America's friends. They are America's sworn enemies.

Evidently, America is negotiating with their homeland governments to make repatriation arrangements. So I assume that the only reason for the negotiations is to make sure the priceless lives of these killers aren't inconvenienced in some way when they get home.

The MSM has the Pentagon so paranoid over stubbing the toes of prisoners that not only do we have to make sure the prisoner's air conditioners are set for maximun comfort per Dick Durbin, we now have to make sure their own governments won't mistreat them either.

But the whole thing is a farce. The Pentagon and Bush administration fell for it hook line and sinker. It's all about throwing a guilt complex onto the Bush administration in order to evoke precisely the kind of altruistic reaction that we now see--cravenly seeking the welfare of those who would destroy us. And for what purpose? So that a NYT reporter can write an article pointing out that:

*But Washington's insistence on humane treatment for the detainees in their native countries comes after years in which Guantanamo has been assailed as a symbol of American abuse and hypocrisy -- a fact not lost on the governments with which the United States is now negotiating.

"It is kind of ironic that the U.S. government is placing conditions on other countries that it would not follow itself in Guantanamo or Abu Ghraib," said a Middle Eastern diplomat from one of the countries involved in the talks. He asked not to be named to avoid criticizing the United States in the name of his government.* Another opportunity to bash America and Bush.

Mr. Bush et al must understand that reporters and the media in general will never give him credit for any deed done for altruistic reasons. Instead they will use such deeds as proof of his or America's lack of altruistic sincerity by pointing to past inconsistencies real or invented. The only defense against this kind of onslaught is moral certainty. Bush IMO, doesn't have it. The spine that he does show is the result not of one who knows he's right but of one who has faith that he is right.
That is why he finds it so difficult to defend his policies with any kind of steel spined certainty.

Maybe he'll eventually get fed up with the incessant hatred of the news media someday and explode on them. I'll end this post on that pleasant bit of wishful thinking.

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