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Monday, May 01, 2006

Good Global Warming Articles

For a good common sense article on global warming, go here. It is about why a meteorologist Augie Auer has decided to back a new science coalition in New Zealand. The coalition has launched a new website here. (Hat tip I've added it to my favorites list.

There is still another very good one in the London Telegraph by Ruth Lea here. This article also shows why a local anecdote cannot by used as evidence of global warming. A few months ago articles appeared showing that frogs in South America were victimized by a fungus that was decimating the frog population. It was hailed as proof of global warming. But, as Ms. Lea shows, England had one of the coldest winters in a decade and spring thaw was two weeks late threatening their frog population. So, according to establishment logic, England's winter would be proof of global cooling. Obviously it isn't and neither is South America's problem proof of global warming. (Again, thanks to

With reports like this from New Zealand and England, there's hope that reason just might win out.

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