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Monday, May 08, 2006

Little Round Up

Ed Cline has a great guest article at Rule of Reason demonstrating the principle that evil can only win with the cowardice of the good. A sample paragraph:

**One must wonder just how dumb are the likes of Chavez and Morales. Surely they know that nationalized, government controlled industries invariably fail and require the eventual reintroduction of hated foreign technicians to maintain the value of their loot. The record is quite clear. Perhaps they do know it, and this is their way of deliberately destroying values in order to destroy a greater value, such as the U.S. Perhaps, like James Taggart in "Atlas Shrugged," they want to hear us scream.**

Indeed. When you hate the goood for being the good, you will want it's creators destroyed even if you perish in the process. I urge reading the whole thing.


Mark Steyn has a Western Standard article on America's so-called imperialism here. A quote I like:

"Many Americans feel that they came to their conclusions about the value of liberty on their own and that other peoples should, too. While this might be philosophically admirable, the practical drawback is that power abhors a vacuum. If America won't export its values, others will export theirs. Almost all the supranational bodies--from the EU to the International Criminal Court--are, if not explicitly hostile to American values, at the very least antipathetic to them. This, too is historically unprecedented. Multilateral institutions set up and largely funded by America are now one of the principal incubators of anti-Americanism."

Right on. And It's because of their anti-life morality of altruism.


I see via DRUDGE that Rupert Murdoch will be holding a fund raiser for Hillary this summer. Why am I not surprised? I never had Mr. Murdoch pegged as a conservative anyway. IMO, he backs Fox because it is a money maker, not because it has conservative leanings. If Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly stop making money, they'll be gone faster than his previous disdain for Hillary. As far as Hillary is concerned, she is a power luster extraordinaire. She stayed with Bill through the Monica scandal to play the "stand by your man" theme to the hilt. (Where was the outrage from the feminists?) Now she is trying to tell conservatives and moderates whatever they want to hear. Some are falling for it.


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