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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Things Spotted by Mike's Eyes

A Good Essay.
Jason Pappas has a good essay about the war on terror at Liberty and Culture titled Establishing a Deterrent. Here are a few quotes:

"Our problem isn’t a willingness to risk our lives but a difficulty risking their lives. Unlike them we have a hard time killing our foes." And:

"A deterrent isn’t established by our willingness to help our enemies but our willingness to kill our enemies."

I strongy recommend reading the whole thing.

Some sarcazm.
In the Sunday May 14th editorial page of the Detroit Free Press is a section called "Extra Points" in which people in the public eye are quoted on current events.
There are nine such quotes today. The #2 quote is headlined "Dems should take to the street." and it reads:

"The Democrats are thinking too much and doing too little. This is a party in need of a moxie transplant. It's time for the patient to climb off the couch, walk outside and mix it up with the gang that has made a complete and utter mess of the country that was entrusted to it." Bob Herbert, New York Times

"The Democrats are thinking too much..." Hee Hee Haw Haw Thanks Bob, you made my day. That's a good one. Seriously Bob, used car salesmen wouldn't try to sell me that.
Hmmm. What exactly is meant by "mix it up"? Is this a call to arms? An incitement to violence? Are hostilities the result of "thinking too much"?

Bob, your party doesn't need moxie. It needs a rational ideology. Dump your Marxist/collectivist/altruist philosophy for individualism/capitalism/egoism and the republicans will never win another election. Now isn't that a pleasant thought?

She can see it.
Item #3 in the above collection is titled "Political choices with no options." It says:

"It is odd to live in the age of options, when everyone's exhausted by choice, and feel your options for securing political progress are so limited. One party has beliefs it doesn't act on. The other doesn't seem to have beliefs, only impulses." Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal

Right on. The question is, why are the Dems such feelers and the Repubs such pretenders? Both have abandoned reason.

Guys like this give aid to Objectivism's enemies.
Jim Woods at Words by Woods has a defense of Objectivism regarding the antics of the recently arrested dj "Star."
Evidently this guy made threats and racial slurs over the air about a competitor's family. He also said he had an ideology and it is Objectivism.

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