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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Good Sign and More Same-old Nonsense

Good Sign

I see the Competitive Enterprise Institute will be running tv ads trying to counter Al Gore's propaganda documentary "An Inconvienient Truth" due to be released next week. The story, by Deborah Zabarenko, can be found here. (hat tip We need more efforts like this if Americans are ever to be exposed to the truth instead of just the establishment orthodoxy.

A Head Shaker

The Thursday May 18th edition of the Detroit News has an article by Marc Sandalow of the San Francisco Chronicle titled "GOP says: 'We have to produce.'" The sixth paragraph says:

**"We have to produce," said Rep. Richard Pombo, R-Calif. "What have we done on energy that produces more energy? What have we done on immigration that solves the immigration problem? What did we do on the deficit when we let spending get out of control and we ran up the deficit?"**

How true. But isn't almost 6 years into Bush's two term presidency a little late to start acting like Republicans?

Another Head Shaker

On the same page is an article by Richard Simon of the Los Angeles Times titled "Catchy titles help legislation stand out." The subtitle is "Lawmakers tailor names of proposals to acronyms that will be noticed, win supporters."

You can read the article here but this is nothing more than an attempt by our lawmakers to put a brighter shade of lipstick on their legisative pigs.

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