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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Aid to Palistinians

I see the U.S. has joined the EU, the UN and Russia in announcing they'll give aid to the Palistinian people directly, that is, bypassing the Palistinian government.

Clearly a case of primacy of consciousness. The U.S. is saying in effect "We'll pretend that there is a complete disconnect between a people and their government, that one has no causal relationship to the other and that by helping feed some of the people we are not removing that responsibility from the shoulders of that government and thus supporting that government even though it sure looks that way."

Or: "If we all agree that we are not helping the Hamas government, then, in fact, we will not be helping that government. Reality is created by consensus right?"

This is also of course, another example of Performing the Altruistic Ritual. If you declare that you do it not for yourself but for others, then you can do anything including prolong the rule of a gang of thugs like Hamas. You don't actually have to help the Palistinians. Just declare your pure intentions and you can condemn the Palistinians to eternal subjugation by that same gang. That of course is not helping the Palistinians at all. In fact, it helps the thugs stay in power and that is what altruism is all about. Politically, altruism is a morality of, by and for those who would rule by force.

So, what kind of message is our government sending? "Your government, Hamas, doesn't want to institute the principles that will lead to your freedom and prosperity. We Americans will help Hamas stay in power by feeding you just enough to stay alive so Hamas will still have someone to rule. We will help sustain your life but enhancing your life is out of the question. Stagnation and death is your future. We will help you postpone it but not change it."

Without that aid, the palistinians would see that their values only bring them death.
They would starve without the food created by those they want to destroy. The Palistinians themselves must discover that their chozen values are irrational. Feeding them postpones the need to make that discovery.

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