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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A Detroit Tiger Correction

Earlier this year I said I didn't think the Detroit Tigers had the talent or skill to hang with the big boys. They could not beat the Yankees and had trouble beating the White Sox. I said they would be at or below 500 for the season.

Well, I have never enjoyed being this wrong before. Even if the Tigers don't beat Oakland for the AL Pennant and fail to go to the World Series, they have still proven they can hang with the big boys, probably because they are now one of the big boys.

I happily stand corrected.

Go Tigers!!!!!


Gus Van Horn said...


I remembered that post the other day when my wife and I were in a sports bar during what I think was the last game with the Yanks. I very nearly decided to give you grief about it on my blog!

Here's hoping the Tigers win it all!


Mike N said...

Thanks Gus for being patient and allowing me time to atone.

Go Tigers!

Anonymous said...

Never say never, but history shows that no team has won the first two games of the division title series and go on to loss that series. Here's to history repeating its self.

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!

Eyes Jr.