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Friday, October 13, 2006

My Favorite Search Engines

Andy at The Charlotte Capitalist posts on a USA Today article about the search engine which used to be Ask Jeeves I guess. Andy says he uses as his primary engine. I got to thinking maybe I should let my readers know what my favorite search engines are.

Although it isn't my favorite, I sometimes use too. I prefer their map service to Map Quest which I no longer use.

I also have been known to use and have no complaints with it.

But my favorite lately has been which is powered by Yahoo. This engine will donate half its profits to your favorite charity which amounts to about a penny per search. The home page has two boxes. The top box is the search box and the bottom box is for your favorite charity. When I emailed them asking if the Ayn Rand Institute was listed, they sent me a comfirming email which also said in part:

"Did you know…….

The Elephant Sanctuary has already earned more than $1400 just by using GoodSearch!

The Bubel Aiken Foundation has earned nearly $700 just by using GoodSearch!

As you know, GoodSearch is a Yahoo-powered search engine with a unique social mission. We give 50% of our advertising revenue to the nonprofits and schools that our users choose. You and your supporters can make a difference in the lives of many just by changing the way you search the Internet!

Here's an example of how much your organization can earn:

· 100 supporters search the internet just twice a day = $730/year

· 1,000 supporters search the internet just twice a day = $7300/year

Spread the Word!

While the press has done a great job in featuring GoodSearch, in order for your cause to earn as much money as possible, it’s important that you spread the word to your supporters. is a new search engine that donates half its revenue, about a penny per search, to the charities its users designate. You use it just as you would any search engine, and it’s powered by Yahoo!, so you get great results.

Just go to and be sure to enter (my charity) as the charity you want to support. Just 500 of us searching four times a day will raise about $7300 in a year without anyone spending a dime! And, be sure to spread the word!

Put a logo and link to GoodSearch on your website

Encourage everyone you know to download the GoodSearch toolbar.

Make GoodSearch the homepage on all of the computers in your company or school."

Write about GoodSearch on blogs and message boards.

You can see examples of what some other organizations have done at: "

With Goodsearch I now use Google rarely.

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