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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Post Mortum

Well, it's going on 10:30 PM in Michigan and I see that Dem Governor Jennifer Granholm has retained that office and Dem Debbie Stabenow kept her Senate seat. These were not surprises. So far, just watching TV, it looks like the Republicans will lose the House and there's a good chance they'll could lose the Senate too. However, it's also pretty obvious there will be no landslide victory for the Democrats. Even if the Dems win both houses, it won't be by much. Despite that however I just know the Dems will claim a "Thundering mandate" as the NYT called Clinton's 43% plurality win in 92, (or was that 96?)

Traditionally, the party out of power picks up seats in both houses in off year elections. It didn't happen for the Dems in 2002. So it had better happen this year or they might as well jump into a casket and close the lid. But, it happened for them and they can give a big thank you to the Republican Party for making it happen.

I do like the idea of keeping the Republicans close to the Dems if for no other reason than as a reminder to the Dems of their possible replacements. Even though the Dems can't wait to bring total socialism to this country and do away with private enterprise, at least they are a little more open about it. The Repubs have been lying about being for private enterprise, small government, and property rights.

They are unwilling to defend individual rights--when was the last time you heard a Republican even pronounce the words individual rights? I don't expect the Dems to say those words. They abandoned that concept in the 30s.

It seems like the Repubs have decided that the Dems keep getting elected precisly because they have abandoned 'rights' in favor of 'needs' and they, the repubs, should do it too. When the elephants have power they hasten to implement all the plans of the Dems. They are no longer a viable option to the nihilistic, socialistic Democrats.

The future of course will be interesting.

P.S. I just found out that the proposal to ban afirmative action in Michigan passed. There is hope.

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