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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jury Duty

There won't be any bloging Friday Dec. 1st and maybe a lot longer if I'm unlucky.
I have to report for jury duty at the local courthouse in the am. My notice said I should bring a book as it might be a long uneventful day. I've been re-reading "Introduction to Objectivist Epistomology" so I'll be taking that one.

Who knows, maybe the lawyers will see me reading it and decide "I don't want him on my jury." On the other hand, maybe they will think epistomology is the study of epistles and I'm some kind of religious nut. Oh well, I really don't care what they think. My biggest fear is that I will be picked for a long, drawn out murder trial and get sequestered out of existence for months and months.

Mrs. Eyes has been helpful though. She did jury duty about 20 years ago but things were different then. She had to go every day for two weeks. I only have to show up on the 1st and the 15th of Dec. if I don't get picked for a trial. That's it and thank goodness. Mrs. Eyes was picked to serve on three juries. The first was a stolen purse case. The second was a paternaty case and the third was a murder case. This started out like it was going to be a lengthy affair but because of some legal screw up, the case was dismissed and a new trial ordered, which meant a new jury.

So, if you don't see any posts for awhile you'll at least know why.


Gus Van Horn said...

I learned recently that reading material (The Objective Standard and Ayn Rand's Normative Ethics) won't get you off the hook.

The key seems to be having a high number (for your trial's pool, at least in Texas) and not having too many people ahead of you getting ruled out.

Me? I had a middle number. It was a DWI trial and there were too many members of MADD and too many people who were too closely involved in such offenses ahead of me.

Good luck!

Myrhaf said...

I always throw the notices and away and nothing has happened to me.