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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Even More Global Cooling

Lubos Motl is again posting on global cooling at The Reference Frame. Now before any of my scientist readers write in to tell me local and regional weather is not evidence of global climate change, let me say that I know that.

But that is not the problem. Establishment scientists (looking for more grant money), newspaper reporters and editors (looking to sell newspapers and magazines) and politicians (looking to posture as saviors of mankind--in order to get re-elected) incessantly bombard the public with the notion that every uptick of the thermometer is absolute proof of global warming. But when the temperature drops, they all look the other way and indulge in "The Silence of the Wolves."

(I like Mr. Motl's identification of the "Gore Effect" regarding Boston. Evidently Gore gave one of his GW speeches there and now they are iced over. This could be a new general principle: Al Gore says one thing and reality shows us the opposite. Seems to be working out.)

Anyway, if the statists are going to use every rise in temperature as proof of GW to an unsuspecting public, the least that rational people should do is put the facts of cold temps out there for the public to consider letting them know they are only getting part of the story from the gloom and doomsayers. Then encourage them to ask why they're only getting half the truth.

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