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Monday, January 08, 2007

Lil' Round Up Jan 07

Dr. John Lewis's essay "No Substitute For Victory": The Defeat Of Islamic Totalitarianism, was published at The Objective Standard. In this post at Jihad Watch, he replies to some good questions posed to him:

(1) how can religion and state be separated in Islam, since Islam is a social / political / legal system as much as a religion, and (2) isn't the enemy stateless, i.e., without the centralized political state as controlled Japan?

To these questions he gives a short answer but promises an in-depth response to them in the next Objective standard. All the more reason to look forward to it. Grant Jones at the Dougout has a post on this as well.


Blunt Blogger Billy Beck at two-four links to a Newsweek Article that takes a reasoned look at how much oil we really do have and might have. It seems we're not really running out of oil after all.


I learned at Dennis Blog that Hugo's novel 'The Man That Laughed' has been posted on the net in its entirety. He has a few tempting quotes too.


Myrhaf is recommending a book on songwriting called Tunesmith by Jimmy Webb. He even gets into chord progression a little.


If the above isn't satisfying, Gus Van Horn has another good roundup here.

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