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Monday, April 09, 2007

GoodSearch is Good Find

To all my readers who may be Objectivists, students of Objectivism or friends of Objectivism, I want to urge all of you to make GoodSearch your primary search engine. Goodsearch donates about 1 penny for every search to your favorite charity. I have typed in "The Ayn Rand Institute the Center for the Advancement of Objectivism" as my favorite charity. (You only have to type in the name of your charity and hit verify as they have over 32,000 non-profits listed. You won't have to type it in again, as long as cookies are enabled.)

In all of 2006 GoodSearch donated $50.98 to ARI.

But through the first 3 months of 07 GoodSearch has surpassed all of 06 by donating $67.57. If this rate just holds steady, at the end of the year ARI will get a check for $270.28. And that's if the rate only holds steady. You can help swell that amount using Goodsearch as your primary search engine. GoodSearch is not a new inexperienced, fledgling operation. They are powered by Yahoo and I have found their search results comparable to Google.

So, if you have ever wondered what you as just one person can do to advance the spread of Objectivism, here is an opportunity to start helping out today, right now.

You can add GoodSearch to your bookmarks in your toolbars which is what I did. If you have a blog of your own you can put a GoodSearch logo like mine on your front page.

Or you can download their GoodSearch toolbar.

However you do it, making GoodSearch your main search engine will help ARI. Even if you just make it one of your engines it will help some. I for one am optimistic that GoodSearch can help a lot.


Student of Objectivism said...

It been my homepage for many months now

Mike N said...

Great, glad to hear it. I do think it can help if a lot of people get on board.

Myrhaf said...

If 100 people search twice a day, that's $730 a year, so I expect the ARI totals to skyrocket as the word spreads. Thank you, Mike, for bringing this to my attention.

Mike N said...

Myrhaf, you're welcome.

Roderick said...

I heart GoodSearch.