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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Roundup May 24th

Galileo Blogs has a good post on the ridiculousness and injustice of "price gouging" legislation recently passed by the U.S. House. Like he says, "price gouging" is an undefinable term. Actually, all it means is that the so-called gouger is charging a price some people would prefer not to pay. Politicians then cater to these whims by promising to punish the evil gougers by hitting them with a windfall profits tax (WPT) and giving some of it (crumbs) back to the whim worshipers. Of course the whim worshipers can't see they are being had by the politicians. Read the whole thing.


Abandon Caution has a link to the Dennis Miller Show on which Dr. Yaron Brook was interviewed on the subject of environmentalism and Iraq on May 22nd. As usual, Mr. Brook was quite good.


At a new site "The One Minute Case" is the one minute case for individual rights. I would urge readers not familiar with man's moral and political need of rights to take advantage of the recommended reading at the end of the post.


Myhraf has a good post on an example why a picture is not an arguement. I remember that photo from the Vietnam days and I'm glad she's still alive and happily married in Canada.


Diana at NoodleFood has a notice that
Thanks to an exclusive permission generously granted by the Estate of Ayn Rand, is now able to offer its registered users, free of charge, an expansive collection of Ayn Rand audio and video recordings. This unprecedented selection includes lectures, interviews, and the complete series of Ayn Rand's Ford Hall Forum lectures.
She also has info on the ARI lecture series.


Ed Cline has a guest editorial at Rule of Reason on recent attempts at censorship via so-called "hate speech" laws. Of course, hate is an emotion and emotions are the result of values held and values are acuired by a process of thought. Attempts to outlaw hate are attempts to outlaw thought and that is the goal and only possible outcome of hate speech laws.


Lastly, I want to say thanks to all our military men and women all around the world for risking their lives in return for the continued safety of their loved ones and their country.

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