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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Spotted By Mike's Eyes June

I've been unable to visit my favorite sites lately so in getting caught up I've put together this roundup. Some of these may be a few days old but worth it if you haven't already seen them.

Could this spread? Iowa State University wants to have a chaplain for their football team. Trouble is, the faculty don't care for the name chaplain. So a new position with a new title is about to be born: "volunteer life skills assistent".

The philosophy dept. snubbed again.

Nicholas Provenzo at Rule of Reason has a good post on "Save Net Radio" or Save the Free Market"

Every so often I write letters to my political representatives. I'll be doing so this week and this subject-intellectual property rights-is one of the things I'll be harping on.

Andy Clarkson at The Charlotte Capitalist is blogging again with a post on enviromentalism and its mysanthropic nature. Andy says in part:
The environmentalist's case thus rests on the proposition that they don't like the fact that existence exists, that it has a certain identity and thus causality. All of their proposals are thus focused on fighting the nature of existence -- and nothing else.
So very true.

Lubos Motl at The Reference Frame posts on more record lows in Chile with links.

Was Al Gore giving speeches there?

Lubos also has a good post on CO2 saturation for those laymen like me who would like to know more about the science of GW. He is largely responding to attacks on him over at

The Objective Standard summer edition is now available online for subscribers. For non-subscribers the letters and replies, and Lisa VanDamme's excellent essay on classical education, are available to all.

If you don't have a subscription, I urge you to get one. It is well worth it.

If you like flowers, especially orchids, Amit Ghate at Thrutch has some nice photos of same. Beneath the photo is the word orchids. Click on it for more beautiful photos.

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