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Friday, June 01, 2007

Why I Side With the Critics Pt 4

Lubos Motl at the reference frame posts on a reasonable statement by NASA director Michael Griffin. He said nothing about James Hansen, who works for him at GISS, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, or Hansen's work.

One of the commenters links to an ABC story in which Mr. Hansen called his boss's comments:
"It's an incredibly arrogant and ignorant statement," Hansen told ABC News. "It indicates a complete ignorance of understanding the implications of climate change."
Notice the attack language used by Hansen, the lack of professionalism, the disrespect for authority. This man must think he is a god not to be questioned.

I just got through posting on a quotation by ED CLine about how the outrage pours forth from the climate change alarmists at the slightest hint of dissent. Well, Hansen's remarks are another example.

I thought Mr. Griffins's words were civilized and reasonable. I would think that a proper response by a civilized subordinate would go something like "I disagree with Mr. Griffin on the need for urgency of action and other things but he is of course entitled to his opinion." This would have been a civilized, adult, mature response. But notice Mr. Hansen did not do any such thing. Instead, he started out with the ad homonyms of arrogant and ignorant. A very emotional instead of intellectual, response.

When I first started investigating global warming in my spare time about five years ago, I had some respect for Mr. Hansen and a few other pro-global warmers. He seemed to be devoted to the facts. Especially when I read this post at Patrick Michael's World Climate Report. I got the impression Hansen was rededicating himself to the facts of reality. But since then in my opinion, Hansen has become a flat out advocate of AGW=catastrophe. And now he is predicting a 20-meter rise in sea level that isn't even close to the IPCC? No sir. No more respect from me. Another reason this non-scientist sides with the critics.

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