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Monday, September 24, 2007

Remember When

In the Detroit area there are often free newspapers usually found in malls and some restauraunts. Mrs. Eyes spotted one, Senior Living, which had an article titled "The Price is Right" about what things cost in 1942. Knowing that that was the year of my birth Mrs. Eyes correctly thought I'd be interested. So here's a few comparisons:

1942: A 6oz bottle of coca cola--5 cents.
2007: $1.55 for a 20oz bottle.

1942: 1.25oz Hershey bar--5 cents.
2007: 2.10oz bar--55 cents.

1942: loaf of bread--9 cents.
2007: $3.59 (Pepperidge Farm).

1942: Gallon of milk--60 cents.
2007: $3.38.

1942: postage stamp--3 cents.
2007: 41 cents.

1942: New car--$1,100. (average)
2007: $28,400

1942: gasoline--19 cents/gal.
2007: $2.771/gal. (U.S. average--last week)

1942: average anual salary--$2,400.
2007: $36,276.

As far as I can tell, these numbers do not take into account inflation of the money supply.

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