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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lil' Round Up Jan 31, 2008

Monica at Spark a Synapse does a pretty thorough job of exposing the misanthropic nature of many animal rights activists especially PETA and USHS. She also has an impressively long list of anti-man quotes right from the non-horses mouth so to speak. What is the name of the philosophy that teaches hatred of man? Altruism and its requirement of sacrifice.

Rule of Reason has an editorial by Ed Cline noting the parallels between today's political climate and that which existed when the ink on our Constitution was still drying. He correctly points out that:
“Confidence” is nearly all we have heard now from the candidates for the presidency of both parties this year, coupled with vapid assertions of “experience,” “vision,” and the need for “change.” And the Constitution has been so adulterated with statist amendments and skewed by non-objective interpretations that its chains have less power to bind men from mischief than Styrofoam. To the statists whose ambitions compel them to “lead” and to mold America into a nation of sacrificing toilers and tax cows, the Constitution is a paper dragon.
I recommend reading the whole thing.

Junkfoodscience reports that a Mississippi congressman has introduced legislation that would require restaurants to refuse to wait on anyone who is obese. The man doesn't believe the bill will pass but is serious about the so-called obesity crises. I hope it does pass. Maybe the Miss. electorate will throw this thug out on his ear. Then again, the people will be getting what they deserve, a life regulated by the whims of men.

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