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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Talk About the Sanction of the Victim!

In Monday's Jan. 28th. Detroit News business/auto section is an article titled "Tire rules to improve safety" which says in part:
A three-judge federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by tire makers who said that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's ruling requiring tire pressure monitoring systems wasn't strict enough.(!!!!--ME) Tire makers argued that NHTSA's regulation put drivers and passengers at risk because it didn't warn drivers of low tire pressure soon enough; didn't require the systems to work with replacement tires and allowed tire monitors to be tested under conditions that don't take into account cold weather extremes, which can alter tire performance.
"Beat me harder, I'm not bleeding enough! No wait! Give me the whip, I'll do it myself!

The auto industry was happy because some of the guidlines are voluntary instead of manditory. But are these voluntary chains impressing anyone?
Sean Kane, president of Safety Research and Strategies Inc., said the regulation was "a good first step, but we need to do more than apply a Band-Aid to a system that hasn't worked for 30-plus years."
This isn't about safety. It's about some people's desire to control others on the premise that some people can be given the right to initiate force against others. A social system where no one is allowed to start the use of force against his fellow man is becomming more alien to the minds of Americans. They are getting too comfortable with the idea of submission as the tire makers demonstrate.

It also illustrates how a mixed economy will chase out independent minded businessmen and replace them with the kind second-hand, favor groveling, regulation protected commisars we see today. But this is what the dumbed down American people have been led to believe is good for them by their equally dumbed down intellectuals. What neither the intellectuals nor the public can imagine is how a free laissez-faire economy would provide safety, the same way it provides everything else, by supply and demand.

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