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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blogroll Additions

I've added a few more objectivist oriented sites to my blogroll. Highly recommended all.

First is Amy who just launched her new blog Kindredist. Amy says "Whimsy and studiousness from a nice lady who lives in Michigan and loves Objectivism." I know this lady and can vouch for that. Good luck Amy on your blogging adventure!

Next is Burgess Laughlin at Making Progress. Burgess posts on history and philosophy and has a book "Aristotle Adventure" which can be ordered at his site. This was an oversight on my part. He should have been on my blogroll some time ago.

Stella at ReasonPharm posts on the field of health and medicine. Her recent post about how thin healthy people are the real burden on health care and fat people are saviors because they presumably die young, is a must read.

Monica at Spark a Synapse has the inside scoop on why the chicken really crossed the road. heh

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