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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

What a Choice!

Well, it looks like it will be McCain on the Republican side. The Dems race is closer and I would probably like to see Obama win it. The thought of voting for Hillary is extremely depressing. So is Obama but less so I think. The choices we're faced with this election are like being asked "what kind of slow torture would you like today sir?"

In my opinion all three of these candidates will increase in a big way the rate at which Atlas will shrug. Hillary's socialized medicine will destroy healthcare in this country by sacrificing the providers. McCain will sacrifice businessmen in general with his tax on carbon use, and his contempt for the profit motive. He's already proven his disdain for free speech with McCain-Feingold.

I think McCain is every bit the two-faced, opportunistic, principle hating, power-luster that Hillary is. He flat out said that McCain-Feingold was not a restriction on free speech. Hillary announced boldy and in advance of the elections, to the producers,IIRC, "We will have to take some things away from you for the common good." Did anybody but Objectivists and a few producers shudder at those words?

I am reminded of Hitler's Mein Kampf in which he said "Du bist nichts, dein volk ist alles", "You are nothing, your race is everything." I wondered how many Germans and others read those words and, unable to think in principles, unable to deduce a concrete example of their meaning, shrugged their shoulders in unthinking complacency only to have their meaning become explicit as they were marched in front of firing squads or into ovens.

No I don't think any of the current candidates plan on erecting any ovens any time soon. But I do see more and more Americans listening to spoken words hoping to detect not a meaning, but a feeling. When Hillary said those words, no doubt some people felt "Good. There'll be more for me." While others may have felt "Well, a little bit more fairness would be nice." Or "It won't hurt to take a little something from them, they can afford it." And so on. When I see all those people cheering her every word and giving her all those states on Tuesday, I see hordes of people who are totally unable to understand that if she has the right to take some things away from any person, she has the right to take everything away from him including that person's life.

It's true that McCain has no use for free speech but Hillary's web site declares that she wants to strengthen hate crimes legislation. Most rational people know that hate crime laws are aimed at controling thought, since hate is an emotion and emotions are the result of values and values are the result of thought processes. Attempts to outlaw hate speech being a recent example of an attempt at censorship.

But I don't yet know. About the only way I'd vote for Hillary is if McCain picks Huckabee as his VP. On this 'necessity' I agree with Gus Van Horn.

I still have more evaluating to do. If Obama gets the Dem nod I'll probably vote for him. Otherwise I might vote for a third party candidate like I did in 2000. I couldn't stand Bush's 'compassionate conservatism' and I refused to vote for an adult 10 year old. (Gore) And boy I'm happy I did. After watching that fiasco with the hanging chads and is that a dimple or not? I'm glad there was no doubt about who I did and did not want for pres.

My hope is that this mess is the darkness before the dawn.


Robert Nasir said...

I share your sentiment.

I'll wait until the election nears to re-evaluate, but at this point, if someone told me they were voting for Elvis or Santa Claus, I wouldn't be surprised ... nor would I appraise their choice as a negative.

The only disappointing choice would be if I was told someone was voting for John McCain, Barrack Obama, or Hillary Clinton ... ENTHUSIASTICALLY.

Galileo Blogs said...

Mike, your post encapsulates well precisely what type of torture we are voting for. I found your post helpful, even if distressing.

As for a McCain-Huckabee ticket, that will motivate me to vote for anything but. A President Huckabee, if McCain were to die in office, would do his best to let the religious dogs loose on America.

Mike N said...

Yes, I'll probably wait till nearer the election to decide, probably after the last convention.
What scares me is how many people are enthusiastically support Hillary now.

I agree. If Huckabee became president he would certainly change the SCOTUS, by his appointments, to overturn Roe vs. Wade. And more.

Myrhaf said...

All my life I've been voting for the lesser of two evils and every election the evils get greater.

Mike N said...


"All my life I've been voting for the lesser of two evils and every election the evils get greater."

My experience as well. So maybe we ought to try something different, like not voting. By that I mean, withholding our sanction. It's worth thinking about.