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Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Scary Government Intervention

On Wednesday's post I said that three articles at Junkfood Science were scary. But that was an understatement compared to this post.
Important news was issued yesterday on the legislative battle over the State collection of genetic material on newborn babies to use for government-endorsed genetic research without parents’ consent. Last night, the Minnesota Senate Judiciary Committee voted against consent rights (ownership) of infant blood and DNA, reported Twila Brase, RN, President of the Citizens' Council on Health Care. That means DNA material on children can be stored and used by the government or third parties without the consent of parents. The bill (SF 3138) now goes to the Senate for a full vote.
The government is getting out of hand. They scream bloody murder if the label on a soup can or cereal box cover doesn't disclose a detailed description of every atom enclosed. But they have no problem helping themselves to your baby's blood test info without your permission i.e. hiding that fact from you.

It's a long post but well worth the read, and includes an example of how the urge to perform the altruistic ritual by the government in 1960 resulted in the crippling and deaths of countless babies and children.

In a private laissez-faire economy, any desired screening of newborns would be provided by the private sector and not without the parent's permission. If babies started to die it would make headlines in the media. There would be no way private hospitals could cover it up for long like governments can and did.

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