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Monday, April 13, 2020

Intellectual Thugs Now Control the Democrat Party.

Here is an excellent essay on why there was such a massive shortage of test kits and N95 masks.

It's what happens when Michigan voters vote social thugs into office. Gov Whitmer, like the governors of California and New York worship the use of brute force as the way to solve problems. She is declaring that her judgement supercedes that of doctors. 

A crime to be a crime must violate or threaten to violate someone's rights. So how is a doctor and a patient voluntarily agreeing to a prescription a violation of rights? Especially since HCQ has been proven safe for many years now. 

She doesn't want you to have the freedom to try something that may save you. She wants to be in charge of your life. Even if it's true that the efficacy of the drug on this particular virus hasn't been proven to be positively efficacious, so what? It's not a dangerous one. She doesn't care. 

Fortunately, the governor has backtracked on his.The fact that she is willing to threaten doctors with force proves once again the truth of the fact, as Ayn Rand said about second handers: IIRC, 'Producers (doctors, scientists, inventors et al) seek to control reality. Second handers seek to control the producers'. Such people now control the Democrat Party.

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