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Thursday, April 09, 2020

It's On Us

In my last post I suggested that the fault for the existence of this shutdown is on our--US citizens shoulders.  How so? Well, my generation, my father's generation and his father's generation have over time, peace meal, turned over to government everything we depend on in the marketplace.

Our roads and bridges, to government infrastructure, our children's minds to public education, our healthcare to FDA, CDC, NIH, HHS et al. and  our health insurance to Romney Care, Obama Care and who knows what's coming down the road next. So, can we keep going to bed every night confident in the belief we will not wake in the morning to a totalitarian dictatorship? No we can't. We are deluding ourselves.

 We citizens have had a long history of failing to see the difference between trade and force i.e. economics and politics. (Ayn Rand explains this difference in fine detail in her essays "What is Capitalism" and "America's Persecuted Minority: Big Business" again in her book "Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal."

Because we didn't understand that difference we developed a very bad habit of turning to the government and shouting "Do something" whenever something went wrong in economics or medicine or science. (Politics is the only realm where such a shout could be justified.)

This was and still is music to the ears of politicians who want us to bring our problems to them. We have invited the government into every area of the marketplace and thus every area of our lives. They have shown a frightful eagerness to take over. We need to get the government out of the economy before they close the door on us.

We need to elect politicians who will shut down the regulatory state starting this coming election. The utter failure of the CDC and FDA and others to protect us testifies is spades how useless they are. In fact, we never should have placed them in charge of our health to begin with. Let's fix that now.

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