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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Al Gores America

I see Al Gore is venting his true feelings about America by going over to
Saudi Arabia and denouncing America for "abusing" Muslims. He did this in a country where women have absolutely no rights; where the Wahabi brand of Islam teaches all Muslims to kill all infidels and is financing terrorism all around the world.

This idiot doesn't understand that they would just as soon cut his throat as Bush's.
In fact, they would probably cut his first having far less respect for him than they do for Bush.

Ayn Rand nailed it when she wrote: "A country at war often resorts to smearing its ememy by spreading atrocity stories--a practice which a free, civilized country need not and should not resort to. A civilized country, with a free press, can let the facts speak for themselves. But what is the moral-intellectual state of a country that spreads smears and atrocity stories about itself and ignores or suppresses the facts known about the enemy's atrocities?" (from her essay "The Wreckage of the Consensus" in Capitalism: the Unknown Ideal. For more info see.)

That's what Al Gore is doing and Google in China and CNN in Baghdad and on and on.
He probably thinks he is making points with the Saudis by spitting in his country's face. A Saudi would never denounce his own country in public. They can't be respecting Gore for doing it to his country. Actually, they are probably grateful for such a useful idiot.

It is scary to think this man almost was our president, but what is really scary is the fact that many of his party's 08 contenders think the same way.

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