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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Parting thoughts on the Super Bowl

Monday's and Tuesday's Detroit papers are all celebrating the success that was the Super Bowl. They are also asking "Can we keep the successful mood going?" Maybe.

Maybe because the SB represented an attitude adjustment for about two weeks. It gave us an opportunity to attend parties, to see lots of celebraties and cavort with media types and just enjoy life for the sake of enjoying life, because that's what life is for, to be enjoyed.

No it wasn't a mindless orgy of subjective nihilism. Rather, a well planned, organized celebration of life proper to a rational being. The game itself was a contest between the two best teams in professional football. It projected an image of man the achiever, the doer, the heroic. It was this attitude, this sense of life that Detroit was celebrating and reveling in for two precious weeks. It was an attitude that the world is mostly a benevolent place, that life is good and we can keep it that way if we put our rational minds to it.

But will we? Or will we turn out the lights and go back to thinking that humans are evil and need to be forced to be good; that life is malevolent and we can't survive by our own effort; where our image of man the hero is replaced by man the victim?

I don't know which way Detroit will go. But this pro man, pro life attitude is best captured I think, by the ABC Sports slogan--"Are you ready for some Football?"

Yes! I think the whole nation is.

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